Petchester Veterinary – Westchester, New York

Project scope: Conversion of an existing restaurant to an animal hospital, requiring a gut renovation of the existing structure.

The objective is to create a space with clear flow and sense of designation. A clean, coherent and light appearance will express the identity of the hospital.

Upon entering the hospital, we have designed a welcoming curved wall that guides clients into two separate reception areas – one for dogs and one for cats.

A custom reception desk located between the two waiting areas will help organize the space and its esthetics will represent the overall design approach for the entire hospital.

To make the waiting time a pleasing experience, we are removing the interior ceiling to expose the roof structure, thereby creating the appearance of a taller and articulated ceiling surface. New skylights are introduced to harvest natural light, enrich the space and preserve energy.

Adjacent to the waiting area, a series of four exam rooms will create a filter between the public and restricted spaces. Clients will enter and exit the exam rooms from the waiting area doors, while the staff will make use of separate doors which connects the exam rooms to the common treatment room.

The treatment room will utilize a large open space surrounded by specialty rooms: Surgery Suite, X-ray Room, Ultrasound Room and Doctor’s Office.  Every space will benefit from natural light and together with light paint colors and finishes, the hospital will project a welcoming and bright working space.

Material and lighting selection has been done with durability, sustainability and esthetic in mind. For the floor surface we selected 12×24 porcelain tile. The countertops will be Quartz surfaces and Vinyl coated wall covering will be used for all medical spaces. To counter the hardness of the porcelain tile and soften the fluorescent task lighting, IPE wood will be used as the seating surface of the custom benches in the waiting area and LED lighting will illuminate the accent walls.



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