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Beyond Function Kitchen

THE ESSENCE – We believe that essential part of creating a usable friendly space small or large. Is the ability to move and use the space in a most natural way – space as a second nature.

Our attempt is to develop a fabric that will enrich the experience of the interior space, tie function and design elements together to create a sculptural/machine like object that will activated the space and define the nuances of space and time

10’x4’ double sided working island placed parallel to the house exterior wall, cooking activity benefits from new large glass door facing the outdoor, over head floating ceiling with recessed lighting spans across kitchen space to reach the dining table and support pendent lighting fixture.

Materials – Design makes use of LED lighting fixture through-out the project, veneered Apple-ply with exposed edges for the floating ceiling, porcelain floor tiles, galvanized steel plate shelves and IKEA cabinets with quartz surface counter top

Material, form and light come together as one cohesive language creating a narrative staring at the kitchen counter via the dining space to the outdoor deck.

Beyond Function Kitchen