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Not sure why I ever thought I could get through my renovation process without Niv. Very very glad I hired him. He is knowledgeable, calm, patient thoughtful and thorough. He crosses every T and dots every I. Niv is wonderful and easy to work with and is also great managing contractors and other subs. His attention to detail is top notch. In my 1200 sq foot apartment we demolished existing walls and cabinets, refinished floors, replaced windows and interior door, replaced all the lighting, painted throughout, replaced and added shelving, replaced backsplash in kitchen and then some. Not only are Niv's project management skills top notch but his design sense is brilliant. Last but not least he is cost conscious and never made me feel "cheap" when I chose a less expensive option. He understands budget and real life and that is refreshing. He was always happy to help me find a good yet more cost effective solution. It is very clear he truly cares about his clients and projects. Thank you Niv.Read More

I have had the pleasure of working with Niv on commercial build outs in the wellness space. His expertise, attention to detail, creativity, organization, and end results cannot be compared to any other architect or designer. He listens to his clients and delivers above any beyond what anyone could imagine.Read More

Niv helped me design my new apartment. I enjoyed working with him and trust his taste and design since this was the second time he worked with me. The new apartment looked great after the renovation. We got lots of compliments from friends and relatives.Read More

Niv Ben-Adi, principal of Atelier036, planned and oversaw the gut renovation of our 1100 square foot Brooklyn Heights co-op. We purchased the co-op as a one bedroom space, and he helped us to redesign the space to convert it to two bedrooms with an open living room / kitchen combination. The work was extensive, and included: upgrading the entire electrical system, replacing all plumbing back to the risers, replacing the entire sub-floor and installing new floor / tile throughout, re-designing and moving the kitchen, installing a washer / dryer, replacing the old cast iron radiators, repairing / skim-coating existing walls, installing new lighting throughout and creating new, complex structural openings in load bearing walls on the 3rd floor of a 10 story building. Our building is 120 years old and located in a landmark historic district. We had complete confidence in Niv's ability to properly plan and oversee the job. I might add that we interviewed over a dozen architects before deciding on Niv, and he was a clear standout. Choosing the right architect is key to the success of a project. We would highly recommend Atelier036 and its principal, Niv Ben-Adi to anyone looking for an architect. Niv is a consummate professional. His ability to see the big picture and get to know his clients wants and needs is extraordinary. Niv is also very patient. He likes to approach each project as a blank slate, in order to maximize the space and to best meet his clients' needs. He is very willing to take the extra time to make sure that the planning and the actual job is done just right and to his client's satisfaction. He is also sensitive and accommodating when it comes to budgeting. He can help make those tough decisions easier - how / where to spend for the greatest impact. We could not be happier with the final product. Any one that comes to visit cannot believe how the space has been transformed. Niv is an expert in lighting and finishes, and the right lighting and finishes, we've learned, can make a small apartment feel like it is on a grand scale. Our home feels spacious, whereas before it felt dark and cramped. Niv is also not afraid to speak his mind when he feels strongly about something - his confidence in this area will translate to a stellar finished project. Ultimately, he will always let the client make the final decision and respect that decision, but he will always give his honest opinion as to what's best. We really appreciated that Niv drew on his expertise and experience to tell us what he thought was best, instead of just telling us what we wanted to hear. My husband and I started to say to each other "Niv knows" whenever we had a tough decision to make, and he really does. He never steered us wrong. We would work with Niv and Atelier036 again without hesitation, and we would like to provide the highest possible recommendation. We have no doubt that our project could not have come out better. We are extremely satisfied!Read More

Highly recommend Niv Ben Adi from Atelier036 Studio, As a seasoned Real Estate Broker, it is imperative, for me, to carefully choose my outgoing referrals, as the end result affects my very own reputation. For the past 10 years I have been referring Niv to my trustworthy clients & customers. Without any hesitation I can tell you that all where extremely happy with the end result. Niv, being so meticulous on the design he brings in to the table, discuss it thoroughly with the customers to their satisfaction and than carry it to completion. A "secret" I can tell - Every inch in a Manhattan apartments needs to be carefully used. Niv can find hidden spaces in areas where you wouldn’t even think of look for! Call Niv today.Read More

Total gut renovation of a country home - exposed ceiling structure